KRISHNA TECHNICAL TRANING CENTER is a reputed technical training instituition, Recognised by Govt. of INDIA and ISO 9001-2015 Registration.



Technical courses are the best way to learn any vocational skills. Not necessary that everyone has to be a doctor or anengineer. You can also be a technician or a mechanic. If you don’t have to pursue higher education then, You go for a diploma in various technical courses.

PRACTCAL Training.

We give practical and theory that allow students to develop in numerous ways that can have life long benefits. First, gaining practical experience puts education theory into practice and thereby makes it more relevant. Second to be more satisfied with their lives.


Krishna Technical Training Center have their own crane for learning such that Mobile Crane, Crowler Crane, Hydra Etc. This course is designed to increase the crane operator's knowledge, skill and proficiency level through classroom and hands-on training.

Practical Sites

Krishna Technical Training Center are providing Practical training for those students who wants to learn more about Practical knowledge Here the learning is very 'hands on' and classes are designed to allow students to practise develop a wide range of discipline-based techniques and personal skills


The Institute provides Hostel facilities of high standards and providing rooms with occupancy located in Campus. The hostels are equipped with spacious mess facility. Residence in the Hostel is compulsory for all the students.